Holiday Blog

Hello! Glad to be back to update everyone about my holiday break.

For Christmas, my family and I always go to my grandmother’s house to meet with all my other family members for a get together. We have a great time playing games such as dominoes, catch up talking about current things happening and eat. As an older brother, I made sure all my brothers, sisters and even my mother were happy with the gifts I was able to provide for them which makes me happy as well.

For New Years, my family and I went out to the bridge downtown walking around and visit our grandmother to all count down together entering the New Year. New Years really a huge holiday for us to celebrate but it is a good day to enjoy spending time with your family.

Going into 2019 I was given great news at my job (Little Caesar’s) that I was going to be given a promotion and was soon to be assistant manager. I have been waiting for months for this position and I finally earned it! Hard work truly does pay off if you set your mind to it.

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